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  1. Nanomaterials: Novel materials are increasingly based on nano-composites, nanoparticles or patterned surface nanostructures. Some applications in the field of engineering materials are friction/wear control, improved corrosion resistance, thermal stability of thin films, decorative effects etc. Plasma and implantation techniques using energetic ions are an ideal tool to generate such nanomaterials as thermodynamic limits can be circumvented. Research at this field is of high relevance for the economic infrastructure in Slovakia with respect to automotive and mechanical engineering industry.
  2. Implementation of Ion Technologies: Ion beams are essential tools in electronics with respect to doping, chemical synthesis or defect generation enabling unique functional materials. Possible applications range from optical devices/displays, sensors/transducers, data storage or switching devices with high-innovation potential enabling forefront science. Ion implantation may significantly improve the properties of classical devices (e.g. in power semiconductors) with respect to their energy efficiency. Using ion beam analysis (IBA), the elemental composi-tion of materials surfaces or thin films can be determined quantitatively. Present activities are directed to develop in-situ and in-operando IBA routines to enable continuous process control. With respect to local electronics industry (e.g. Samsung) such activities will be a second priority of SlovakION’s research work.