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The long-term goal to advance development of SlovakION is to achieve the status of an internatio-nally competitive centre in the field of materials research using ion beam and plasma technologies. For this goal it is necessary to:

  • establish the new CoE within the STU as an independent unit according to EU research excellence standards, including new culture in management, economics and effective administration,
  • implement a state-of-the-art materials research program,
  • employ motivated and well-trained scientific and technical staff to perform the scientific work and to reliably operate facilities with state-of-the art instrumentation,
  • create a national network, to be cross-linked with the international materials science and ion beam community and to collaborate with leading partners in this field.

Based on high caliber scientific research and a careful selection of research priorities, sustainable collaborations with regional industry will be developed to foster economic development and innovation in Slovakia. The general scientific strategy of SlovakION is described in the following sequence which also indicates the timeline:

  • Establishment of the new CoE SlovakION: Setting-up „The Centre of Excellence in Ion Beam and Plasma Technologies for Surface and Materials Engineering“ SlovakION, will be done in the initial phase of the project.
  • Human Resources: The CoE will seek to attract and combine a strong pool of talented young academics and experienced principal investigators coming from associated educational institutions, reaching a critical mass of at least 100 scientific and technical staff within 5 years. State-of-the-art facilities and a strongly integrated network of European research institutions will ensure that SlovakION will become an attractive place to work and pursue research not only for Slovakian researchers but also for scientists from well-developed countries. Consequently, SlovakION will raise its impact from national to international importance.
  • National Network: Based on STU profound expertise, the collaborations with other Slovak re-search institutions active in materials science will be extended to create synergies, to agree upon specific priorities and to form a balanced national materials science network focusing to the specific needs of the Slovak industry.

    • European Infrastructure: Based on a solid foundation of scientifically outstanding basic research, a number of excellent applied research units will grow. Starting with the operation of the Ion Beam Centre at Trnava in 2016, SlovakION aims to become Eastern Europe’s leading research center for materials research with ion beam and plasma technology being a partner in future European research and infrastructure projects. This necessarily includes the development of SlovakION towards a top-level international user centre. Positioning SlovakION as a centre for engineering materials and electronics for automotive and electrotechnical applications which favors close collaborations with industry, a unique role within Europe’s ion beam community can be achieved. Such an ion beam centre that bridges the gap between research and industry in fields like automotive and smart electronics is sorely missing. The built up competence and competitiveness will foster the transfer of research results to industrial stakeholders as well as boost the innovations in these industries. This translates to increased economic growth in Slovakia, the region, and consequently the EU
    • Integrated Infrastructure: SlovakION and HZDR-IBC will combine their activities within an integrated infrastructure to ensure sustainable development. The collaboration is based on longstanding collaboration already existing between HZDR and STU. This integration combines complementary research topics, instrumentation and applications and will also deliver mutual backup capabilities for standard ion beam applications (e.g. analysis, implantation) in cases of facility limitations or restrictions due to overbooking. As a result the overall performance and international conspicuity will be significantly improved. In addition, long-term partnerships will be strengthened with other excellent EU research centres and universities to further improve a sustainable scientific and application innovation process