Basic concept of SlovakION
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The Slovak Republic’s comparative weakness in research & innovation performance basically roots on the political and economic changes after the Eastern Bloc disbanded 25 years ago. After a steep downturn in the 1990’s, Slovakia managed to turn around and enter a solid and stable path of economic growth making it one of Europe’s fastest growing countries nicknamed the Tatra Tiger. Much of this success is due to a high rate of foreign investment and its development into an attractive manufacturing location for multinational companies.

In order to sustain this economic growth Slovakia needs to transition from an efficient manufacturing location into a vibrant innovation spot. The necessary base for this is an excellent research landscape and a tailored education system providing the talent necessary to develop brilliant ideas into economic successes.
The planned Centre of Excellence SlovakION is planned to become a strong pillar for an innovation-centered economy and is envisioned to turn into a future role model for similar endeavors to transform excellent research into profitable innovation.AboutArticle