HZDR Innovation (HZDR-I)
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innovation logoHigh technologies for high demands - the HZDR Innovation GmbH is a technology transfer company which utilizes economically research results and services and provides development services as well as transfer services of research results into the market, including from the production of prototypes and/or demonstrators to mass production. The HZDR Innovation GmbH realizes production orders from the industry, drawing on the expertise and infrastructure of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V. The HZDR Innovation GmbH supports and participates also in other spin-offs from the HZDR and takes over their investment management. Initially, the staff of 35 scientists and technicians of HZDR Innovation is focused on three areas:

  1. Ion implantation services ranging from low to high energy ion implantation or irradiation for doping of semiconductors or for defect engineering in semiconductor power devices. The activity also includes plasma immersion ion implantation for research and service in the fields of photovoltaic, automotive and aerospace industry, medical and mechanical enginee¬ring. The service is delivered as major supplier for industry or as a “second source” backup supplier.
  2. Wafer processing for sensor and detector production
  3. Technology transfer of research results and technology developments of the HZDR.

The Service of HZDR Innovation GmbH includes:

  • Consultation and evaluation of problems for the application of ion technologies
  • Realization of services on the field of ion implantation, plasma immersion ion implantation and ion beam analysis
  • Process development for the application of ion technologies
  • Ion beam modification of metal, ceramic and polymer surfaces
  • Ion implantation of semiconductors for micro system technological applications, electronic and optical applications
  • High energy ion implantation of light ions for defect engineering of power semiconductors
  • High energy ion implantation of dopants for electric field tailoring of photo diodes
  • Doping of semiconductors by ion implantation in a broad energy range
  • Processing of protective coatings for wear and friction, deposition of optical and magnetic thin films, nanostructures, and functional thin films
  • Simulation of ion solid interaction processes